Vanlife: LA/Palm Springs 1/19

First van trip of the year! I went and spent the last week or so of January around Los Angeles and Palm Springs areas. I'm very much still adjusting to van life but this trip was exactly what I needed to remind myself why I'm doing all of this and flipping my life upside down. I spent the first day or two just relaxing with a friend in Indio, then went into LA to shoot some fun pics with Tayler and Kayla of The Scars Heal In Time. I always got to hear a little sneak peek of new stuff they've been writing/recording and ya'll are gonna wanna keep an eye on them for sure. That night I went to a show at Slidebar that a couple friends of mine were playing at and that was a blast. Got to make some new friends and check out some new music and I can't ask for anything more than that in life. Wednesday I caught up on editing with Mel and got to have a cute alien themed date night with Danielle before heading to Crystal Cove to camp on the beach for a night. For some reason I thought I could check in to my campsite at anytime, even 1 am which is when I ended up getting there. There were signs saying you had to have your check in slip to be in the campsite but there wasn't anyone at the check in booth at 1 am of course. Didn't really think that through. But I parked in my campsite anyway since I'd already paid and picked out my spot online and just wrote my confirmation number on a paper and stuck it in the window and hoped for the best. My one night that should've been completely anxiety free and relaxing as far as knowing where to park and everything and I still managed to mess that up. BUT everything turned out fine and I didn't get ticketed. I heard the rangers pull up and check my license plate and everything in the morning and all was good. So thankful for that. So I got to at least have a super relaxing morning with a beautiful view and take some cool photos before a storm rolled in and rained me out of town. That rain followed me all the way to Joshua Tree where I got a few quick photos as the sunlight was disappearing. Got to do a shoot that night in Palm Springs with He Films the Clouds after the rain passed which was super cool. Doing promo shoots is probably my favorite way to explore places I don't know well yet. So anyway, here's a bunch of photos from all of that! Kayla and Tayler of The Scars Heal In Time, plus a couple of me

@The Slidebar The Order of the Diamond

One High Five


Frequency Within

Alien Night/Crystal Cove/Joshua Tree

those fresh promos for He Films the Clouds

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