Live: Regina Spektor

To say I was excited when I found out I got to photograph Regina Spektor's concert might be a bit of an understatement. I've listened to her music for about a decade and had yet to see her live yet. Regina did not disappoint. Even while getting over being sick, she performed phenomenally. She played a great combination of older and newer songs switching between two different pianos, a guitar, and a couple songs just a cappella. Her charming anecdotes and commentary between songs were just as entertaining as her musical performances. Before playing an older song she talked about how she played like a tiger was chasing her and that she needed to constantly remind herself that no one's life was in danger if she did mess up a bit. About 15 seconds later she forgot a chord in her song and had to restart after muttering "Why did I write this many chords?" The way Regina pulls off little mistakes like that or making dolphin noises in "Folding Chair" or gagging through the end of "Music Box" is what makes her so special. Her quirky yet sweet, humble presence makes her live shows so enjoyable and such a unique experience. She ended the show with the song "Us" before the crowd gave her standing ovation lasting several minutes calling her back for an encore. She returned to the stage with a few more songs, finishing the night off with a gorgeous performance of "Samson". Truly and unforgettable concert that I hope I'll get to experience again soon.

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