Event: Full Moon Festival

Friday was a strange rollercoaster of a day. I'd been in a weird mood most of the day but I was planning on helping out with a little video shoot at night. Little did I know (because I'm apparently incapable of reading a whole facebook post) that I'd end up hanging out and taking pictures at the Full Moon Festival. Before Friday, I didn't know this event was a thing at all, but apparently it happens every month. I was not mentally prepared for this at all and was so confused half of the night and intrigued because there were so many different things going on. It was pretty overwhelming at the time. I can say that it absolutely lifted my mood though with all the energy going on. Not at all what I was expecting my Friday night to be but I'm not mad about it and it would be cool to go to another one when I actually know what I'm getting myself into. Life is weird. Anyways, here are some cool photos I got throughout the night:

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