Live: Brufest

Last weekend I got the chance to photograph several phenomenal bands at Brufest in Phoenix, AZ. Unfortunately I failed at getting to sample any of the beer because I thought that would be happening all day and then all the sudden it was done. Oops! Regardless, the day was filled with good vibes and of course great music. My personal favorites probably had to be Atreyu and The Offspring which were both a major nostalgia trip as well. The album Lead Sails and a Paper Anchor was one that definitely got a lot of plays from me circa 2008/2009. They played a handful of songs from that album which was exciting for me. Their frontman, Alex, is all about interacting with the crowd and spent a lot of time at the barricade up close with the fans. The Offspring is one of those bands that's been around so long now and everyone just knows them and their music but you're not even sure how or when that happened. Or maybe that's just me. I thought I only knew a few songs by them going into this festival but then I at least recognized parts of every song in their set. As someone born in the early 90s I guess their music was just infused into my childhood/life. I was even lucky enough to shoot some side-stage/on stage shots for the half of the bands which was the coolest thing ever. Honestly the first time I've gotten to do that on a big stage. I also got to meet a bunch of people backstage and everyone there was so nice and I just felt so at home all day. So anyways, here's a bunch of photos from the day. The Gringo Bandito hot sauce was created by Dexter from The Offspring so I was shooting some photos for that throughout the day as well. Also I missed most of the first band, Through Fire so that's why there aren't any real photos of them.

All That Remains Recommended Song: Divide

Hell or Highwater Recommended Song: We All Wanna Go Home

Atreyu Recommended Song: Blow

Pennywise Recommended Song: Yell Out

The Offspring Recommended Song: (Can't Get My Head) Around You

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