Photoshoot: Catalina

A few weeks ago I roped my friend Laura into doing this photoshoot with me just for fun. This car was my Grandpa's once upon a time. In fact my only substantial memory of the man is riding around in the backseat of this car when I was about 10 while he and my grandma were up front and the song "Oh, Pretty Woman" came on. After he passed, they transported the car to Arizona for my dad to have. It sat in the garage for years collecting dust before my dad decided to let go of it. So before he sold it I had to go do some of kind of fun shoot with it. I'm really not sure why it's taken me this long anyway. Laura and I dressed up in our best vintage/pinup/badass/whatever outfits and got to it. Here are some of my favorites. Shouts to Laura for grabbing a few photos of me with the car too.

#photoshoot #pontiac #catalina

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