Live: Social Distortion and Jade Jackson

In the last month or so I got to photograph 3 dates of the Social Distortion and Jade Jackson tour. It was really cool each night to see these mixed crowds of old rockers, punk rock millennials, and even some young kids all equally excited for the show. I, along with much of the crowd, had yet to hear of Jade Jackson yet and every single night I watched the crowd become fans of her. She has such a beautiful and unique voice and the band was so dead on and clean every single time. To be honest, I can be a pretty harsh critic when it comes to country music but I will definitely be checking out her album when it comes out in May. Social Distortion kept the crowd moving throughout their whole set. At one of the shows they even kept a slow mosh pit going for one of the slower songs. There's a reason these guys have been around in the music industry so long and still sell out shows. They put on a killer show and just keep it super real. Here are some of my favorite photos I got from the shows I shot: Jade Jackson Recommended Song: Finish Line

Social Distortion Recommended Song: Gotta Know the Rules

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