Live: Naked Walrus and DAISY


Shady Park

All I have to say about this show is that it was a ton of fun and the guys in both of these bands are literally all some of the nicest and coolest dudes I know. This show was filled with nothing but good and fun vibes along with the sweet music. Make sure to click on those song links below and check these bands out! Also, fun little side note; a little bit before I was supposed to take photos I had a mini panic attack because I thought my camera was broken. Half the pictures I was taking started showing black lines through the middle of them. I just kept thinking of all the shoots I had coming up and wondered what the hell I was going to do and how I was going to pay for repairs until I texted my friend and she suggested just restarting it and taking the battery out for a second. And just like that my camera was fixed. I felt like an idiot but also just super relieved. Moral of the story: Try to use some logic before going into panic mode. Behind the Scenes Photos:

Naked Walrus Recommended Song: Minus

DAISY Recommended Song: Are You Feeling Loved

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