Viva PHX! The Maine, Girl Talk, The Mowglis, American Football, Yacht, and more!

Viva PHX was amazing. So many amazing bands, so much good vibes radiating through all of downtown, and so much walking! haha If you're not from AZ or not familiar with Viva PHX, it's a different kind of music festival where basically every venue or place that can be turned into a venue in downtown Phoenix is part of the festival and over a 100 bands play throughout the night. So to get the most out of it, you end up doing a lot of walking around downtown from venue to venue. I managed to catch at least part of 13 different bands I think so I think I did pretty good.

For those that went, who was your favorite band there?

Rozwell Kid:

The Mowglis:


Jeff Rosenstock:

Bash & Pop:

The Drums:

The Maine:

American Football:


Girl Talk:


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